Project 2

For my second project I decided to use analog inputs from a flex sensor and a light sensor in order to create a small prototype for a larger and more complex weather sound sculpture. The idea behind the prototype is that the flex sensor would be able to pick up fluctuations in the wind while the light sensor could detect if the sun was obscured or not. The inputs from the sensors are then used to control the quality and timbre of sound that the sculpture outputs. In the prototypes case, I fed Vivaldi’s “La Primavera” through a granular synthesis patch and depending on the amount of light the sensor was receiving, would re-organize and modify the song to be more ominous or light hearted. The flex sensor served as a cross fade between “La Primavera” and a wind noise (which also changed quality depending on the light sensor). Ultimately, I would like to incorporate some sort of feedback into the piece, in turn creating a more interesting and evolving sound sculpture than it is now as well as possibly messing around with the different sound sources that it draws from (such as using current news weather reports).

Link to download code:


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Dxarts and Japanese Undergrad at the University of Washington!

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