Project Timeline

Week 1: Concept (done)
-Create blog.
-Write abstract and timeline.
-Think about inspirations and other artists working with similar ideas/materials.
-Look into material acquisition. Are used votive candle stands and telescopes an option?

Week 2 & 3: Foundation/Design
-Historical/contextual research.
-Telescope battery charging tests. Can it be done? Have a back up plan ready.
-If I can find used votive candle stand, start re-wiring. If not, start building.
-Depending on votive candle stand, buy electric votive candles.
-Look into receipt printers and LCDs. Which is more cost effective?

Week 4 & 5: Creation
-By 4/23 have all materials.
-Complete electric votive stand prototype (coin activated, central battery power allocation, timer).
-Implement prayer generation and display (modified version of my electric monk).
-Final telescope decision and implementation.

Week 6 & 7:  Prototype 
-By 5/7 prototype complete.
-Present prototype for initial feedback.
-Start designing final electronics and refine outwards appearance.
-Clean up software side.

Week 8 & 9: Final Touches
-Decide final location and let it run (see if the system generates enough power to keep candles lit over an extended period of time and if telescope and batteries can withstand extended use).
-Troubleshoot any existing problems.

Week 10:


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Dxarts and Japanese Undergrad at the University of Washington!

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