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The Immortal – A Fulldome Audio-Visual Composition

“…there is not a face that is not on the verge of dissolving like a face in a dream.”

-Jorge Luis Borges

Referencing Jorge Luis Borges’ short story in title, my film, ‘The Immortal’, is an experimental, audio-visual composition tailored specifically for a fulldome (planetarium) screen. Drawing upon themes found in Borges’ work on immortality and in many of Polish Artist – Zdzisław Beksiński’s paintings, the piece seeks to frame and explore the body as both a prison and impetus to narratively experience the world.

Narrative Vignettes:
Courtney Johnson, Jourden Simmons, John Pryor, David Helberg, Annette Farrell, Dylan Ward, Javonna Arriaga, Curran Long, Kelly Michael Fox

Movement/Dream Sequence:
Choreographed by Laara Garcia (Pseudopod Interactive)
Dancers: Laara Garcia, Devin McDermott, Chanteal Duke, Bayeshan Cooper

Special Thanks:
Andrew Connolly, James Coupe, Rich MacDonald, Jonathan Fay, Molly Mac Fedyk, Richard Karpen, Ha Na Lee, Baron Von Oldenburg, Bennett Schatz, Blaine Doherty, DXARTS 493 Thesis Classmates, DXARTS faculty and staff, and all of my other awesome friends and family who without, this piece would not have been possible!

Gaelen Sayres

Part of Digital Arts & Experimental Media (DXARTS) 2012 BFA Show